Newest Colours! – Benjamin Moore Colour Stories & C2 Paints Fandecks |

I know I’m not the only one out there who gets a little excited to get a package in the mail. Well a few days ago I got TWO packages in my mail box!

I’m not going to lie, a certain sense of child like giddy-ness took over when I realized that one box was from Benjamin Moore and the other from C2 Paints. This was so much more exciting than the usual boring office mail.

So I attacked both boxes with my scissors, and then changed gears into “careful mode” when I saw what I was unwrapping – The newest additions to my mobile paint chip family of colour decks.

It was a bit like a mini Christmas for me…


– C2 –

C2 Colour Deck


I was most curious about my new C2 fan deck. I have heard so many good things about this paint brand, and their unique colours. Unfortunately for us in BC, the closet local C2 store is in Alberta. Bit of a drive to grab an extra gallon! When researching about this company, I found out that C2 actually tracks the sales of it’s colours over each year. At the end of each year, they tally up the totals; and the colours that are “non-preforming” (not selling the best), get tossed them from the C2 colour palette!

New shades and more popular hues are introduced to stay current with always changing colour trends. The fact that they pay this close of attention to which of their colours are selling well, and which aren’t is a fairly clear sign that C2 Paints are on the cutting edge of colour design. Ohhhhh annnnndd their fan decks are hand painted, hand cut out samples of actual wall paint! (Most companies print their colour decks from a printer)

C2 Colour Deck

The C2 palette is quite vibrant, being that it is a full spectrum colourant system. ( this means they use 5-7 colours to make each gallon of paint with no grey or black colourants) However, they have a beautiful array of neutrals as well which I’m dying to use in my own renovation here in Kelowna. The care and attention put into these colours, and actual physical colour decks is fantastic. Obviously I’m treating my new colour deck like gold 😉

Next time I’m in Calgary, you can bet I’ll be making a stop at the C2 store!




I first heard about colour stories in November 2011. For what seemed like ages before it’s Spring 2012 release. Word that Benjamin Moore was planning to release a new palette of full spectrum colours was very greatly anticipated. Sneakily, I tried to get my hands on a fan deck from New York, (Benjamin Moore does a test release in select US cities before their Canadian launches.) But alas there were no spare colour decks to be spared. I would just have to wait… and wait… and wait.

Finally the local Benjamin Moore Kelowna received their first shipment of Colour Stories Fan Decks and they are a great addition to Benjamin Moore’s existing colour families.

I find the idea behind Benjamin Moore’s Colour Stories to be so captivating. Each colour has it’s own story. The colour names themselves are interesting an unique as always with Benjamin Moore. And as always, the colours are beautiful.

So now when I go onsite to an In – Home colour consultation, I make a few trips back an forth to the car… colour decks are heavy, and I’m loaded down with all my favourite palettes, because you never know when you’ll need any one of them!




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