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Spray Finish Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Inherently I always try to preserve a natural wood finish whenever possible.  It could be that I was raised in the middle of a 1904 Heritage Re-claim/Renovation, and learned early on in life to work with what you have and re-store natural elements to their original state…  However Oak gas become my exception…  Oak & Pickled Oak Kitchen Cabinets have just simply seen better days!  And yes I do hear the odd time… “Oak is going to making a come back!”   And perhaps it will one day, but today is not that day.





Various Spray Finishes to Re-stained Shades

The foreseeable solution?  Paint them!  There are literally thousands of colours to choose from and with today’s more durable, UV rated, eco friendly paints, I’ve yet to see the down side.  In fact we just keep on getting more and more inquiries from clients wanting to rid themselves of oak forever and update with paint.


I want to take a second and break down the re-finishing process of people wondering exactly what their getting themselves into  by calling for a quote on re-painting their cabinets.

1. Depending on how many doors and cabinet bases your kitchen has – budget for $ 2,500 – $ 4,500.00 (specialty finishes like chalking, iridescence  etc. may cost a bit more)

2. We come and remove your cabinet doors and hardware & take them off site to our spray shop to begin the re-finishing magic.  (Note: If you are planning to add new hardware we can fill in the old holes for you)

3. First we start by washing down all the doors and cabinet bases with a special solution to remove all grease, finger prints, dirt, dust etc.

4. Then with a specialty fine finish paint sprayer (for the smoothest finish possible) we apply a first coat of a high adhesion primer on both sides of the doors.

5. Next is 2-3 Top Coats of a very strong drying cabinet paint specifically designed for Kitchen cabinets, to wear well with time, protect against high use, and easily washable.

6. Cure time.  The more time the doors have to dry/harden the better.  We like to keep cabinet doors in our spray shop for anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on how the each door is curing.

7. Re-install all Cabinet Doors. And voila – No more Oak!

Re-Painted Oak Cabinets – Spray Finish After

Re-Painted Oak Cabinets – Spray Finish After










Re-painted Oak Cabinets – Spray Finish After

Here are some examples of the endless possibilities:

Glazed Finish Cabinet Door – After

Crackle Finish Sample – After

Ebony Rub Through Cabinets – After

Spray Finish, Off White Cabinet Door with Chalking Detail

Or for the multi-taskers…

Chalk Board – Cabinet






















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