The word “quality” used to mean something…to us, it still does. We believe quality is forever. We also believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for economy. Webster’s Dictionary defines “Quality” as: Degree of excellence, superiority in kind.”  We define “Quality” as : “No detail left un-detailed.” We are more than painters -we are professionals.  Don’t settle for ‘good enough’.

Raelistic Artistic offers their services to residences and businesses throughout the Okanagan Valley.  Confident flexibility in our skill set and ever broadening array of product knowledge allows us to offer:

  • interior and exterior painting
  • mural pattern, and theme painting
  • spray finishes
  • texturing and faux finishing
  • wood finishing/re-finishing
  • furniture finishing/re-finishing
  • hardwood re-finishing
  • stain and paint grade trim and doors
  • gel staining
  • handrails and fine woodwork
  • metal painting
  • cabinetry painting or staining
  • concrete colour staining
  • concrete sealing
  • wood deck finishing/re-finishing
  • wall paper removal

to name a few…  and we offer many of these quality services in a widening variety of ecofriendly options.  And remember quotes are always free.