Custom Colour Palette for Kelowna’s Newest Family of 7 |

Before – Living Room – Outdated Yellow-ish Tan…

About a month ago I was contacted by family from Vancouver who had just recently purchased their new home in Kelowna’s Mission Area. This beautiful home is in a great location, but definitely needed some updating when it came to it’s interior colours!

The Yellow-ish Tan main colour, with Cranberry feature walls had certainly seen better days.

Upon meeting with these clients, one of my first questions was: “ What sort of feel are you both after for your new home?

They smiled at each other in a sneaky sort of way, and it was at this point I knew something was up… they tried to trip me up by responding…

We’re not going to tell you. It’s a surprise. We want you to guess!

Ha! This was a first!  I laughed. “Well this should be interesting!” It was at this point I realized all I had to go on were a couple photos they had shown me of some contemporary modern furniture they liked…

I took a minute, and then said: “Well if I were to guess, so far I would say you both seem to be drawn to a clean modern look. And if we’re going to go more modern with the space how would you feel about: Soft Silvers, Ashy Greys – Maybe soft Shade on Shade Whites?

Their eyes lit up and they smiled at each other again, (Which totally gave them away!)         I knew I was on to them 🙂   They liked my “guess” so to say, so we began work on narrowing down specific colours and building the colour plan.

This was a very dark in this home.  So our plans to lighten things up worked perfectly for their existing lighting.

We ended up with our top 6 colours picks. We carefully considered each and narrowed down our selections colour by colour to our favourite three beautiful soft silvery shades which we used throughout the house.

Next I heard from them was an email after they first saw their new colour palette in action: “Thnx rael! You rock !!!

No surprises with the end results, just a great transformation! 

After – Living Room – Finishing Touches

After – Living Room Area

After – Upstairs Hallway

After – Entry Way

After – Dining Room

After – Main Colour Close Up






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