Keeping Barry in our thoughts as he travels home to Halifax. |

Hard week this week.   Hard month actually.  Our lead painter Barry was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago.  He was told earlier this month it’s become quite aggressive.  So with that unfortunate news, Barry has decided to go home to Halifax be with family.

Wednesday was Barry’s last day with Raelistic Artistic. I’m really going to miss him.  Our whole crew is going to miss him.  We’ve all been not looking forward to his last day ever since he told us of his cancer.  Barry is quite possibly one of the best painters I’ve personally had the pleasure of working with over the years.  All month, I’ve been hearing from past customers asking me to tell Barry how much they’d enjoyed getting to know him while we were painting at their homes.  We are all going to miss Barry and will be keeping him in our thoughts as he travels back home.

Safe flight home B.


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