Kelowna – Exterior Brick Re-Colouring |

With exterior season 2015 just around the corner, I wanted to show case some of the amazing exterior transformations we’ve been a part of over the past few years.  I say ‘AMAZING’ because nothing is worse than trying to update your exterior and “work in” the existing brick.  Typically the brick harkens the house allllllllllllllllll the way back to it’s ORANGEY glory circa 1970.  Or in some cases washed out grey circa 1990 🙂

Enter:  Brick re-colouring.  From a curb appeal perspective I love this!  What a dramatic difference this can make.  We use a highly durable, exterior UV rated product designed to give new life to brick.




Not so fast interior brick… we haven’t left you out of this.  No way.  Same theory applies.  Nothing is worse than trying to tie in a 1970’s brick to a new interior colour palette. Oh, by the way the seventies called, they want their brick back 😉


Below: Close up on interior fireplace brick.  We make sure to customize the formula to allow for all the beautiful tones and shades of the high and low lights in the brick to come through – minus the Orange 😉

Too long has struggle been to “make it work”  or ultimately resort to – “paint it”.  Call us (250) 801-7235 and we’ll help give your brick the confidence it needs to join the rest of us in 2015.


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