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So you’re getting ready for paint.  You’ve taped to the wall your ‘top 15 or so’ paint chips.   Your friends, family and significant other are avoiding this paint chip montage you’ve created for fear of spending an another hour comparing the merits of ‘white’ vs. ‘soft white.’  Every time you walk by this wall you diligently keep deliberating over which one will be the perfect new paint colour for your home.  All of this has been made worse and even more stressful by the fact that the painters are coming Monday and you’re no closer to deciding.

You google:  Help finding paint colour Kelowna

Raelistic Artistic Colour Consulting pops up…

I get these slightly panicked phone calls regularly.  Don’t feel defeated!  Feel empowered by the over 15,000 colours I will bring to your house help help narrow down to the perfect colour palette customized to your home!  But I do get it – all these decisions can be super stressful, I’ve been through many a renovation myself, and it’s not easy!

It’s always more challenging working on your own space; we become that much more invested in the outcomes.  We want it to be perfect! But we also can become less objective and have a harder time narrowing things down.

I usually hear comments about how good the paint chips looked in the store, but now that you have them at home they look so different.  The grey chips are now looking purple, and the beiges now look really orangey.  This is the time I typically get those slightly panicked phone calls, and for good reason.  We’re able to sit down, discuss, plan and catch these chameleon paint chips before the painters have been given the go ahead to mix the paint.

It’s always more efficient and cost effective to get the right colours in the right places before the painters start mixing the paint and rolling it on – at that point the job gets more expensive to fix.   Not saying that it’s too late to fix at that point either, but once the painters start rolling out the paint this is usually the stage when the kids and husband are rolling their eyes at being commandeered to look at paint chips for the last time, and typically just want to get moved back in.  Sound a little bit familiar?   

Sometimes I end up acting as the 3rd party neutral tie breaker in renovation decisions as well.   Renovating is stressful!  Sometimes you just need a second opinion.  More often than not I find that the boost of confidence after our In-Home Colour Consult gives clients a sense of refreshed excitement and reinvigorates them for the home stretch of their project. After all updating a space is supposed to be fun!

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