I believe a House becomes a Home when it’s loved, and I embark to find out exactly what my clients will LOVE.   

Each space has a unique potential, and my passion is to find it.  Not one to get caught up in whimsy and fads, rather I focus on thoughtful and timeless style.  I’m constantly uncovering the indescribable notion of how a space ‘feels’. 

My lifetime of experience has given me the opportunity to explore the balance between practical function and sophisticated design – the synergy created when these two flow seamlessly together is what inspires me.

The design process can be a journey through thousands of decisions over the course of a project, and I am honoured to guide my clients through this adventure. 

If I were to describe myself in three words it would be Approachable, Resourceful & Intuitive.   I goal to assist my clients to expand, realize, and achieve their dreams – and ultimately LOVE their Home.